Born and raised in Argentina, Pablo has been living in Miami Beach for over a decade. When asked about the reasons why, he'll say it was his destiny. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts to follow traditional careers he found out it was surrounded by nature where he would feel self realized, nothing else was needed. However, on his 33th birthday, he reluctantly accepted a gift from his mother, a photographic camera. Even though he had no idea about how to operate it, the moment he hung it from his neck he had this strange feeling of belonging, he knew it was the beginning of a journey. Without financial resources for a formal education in photography he relied on whatever information he could find in books and the internet. Gradually he began to realize that photography could be a bridge between his inner vision and the outside world. It became an obsession, a drug. Influenced by his frequent lucid dreams, synchronicities and other similar experiences, we see in his pictures an attempt to show us this reality with a sense of something beyond it, of something surreal, magical. In his portrait works we find an intention to reflect both the simplicity and complexity of the human experience, relationships, emotions. What seems to be behind all of them is the search for meaning, for the meaning of life, for the meaning of love. He believes that photography can be used as a device to open up and expand our perception.

In spite of his very short career, he already has an exhibition of his work in one of Miami's greatest art galleries, Zenith.  He runs his own studio where he has worked for major fashion designers and artists, and where he's developing different personal and commercial projects.  When asked about what his goals are for his professional career he says he has only one: "I wanna take the most beautiful picture in the world, and give it away to everyone".


Pablo's pictures usually have a powerful impression on people's minds and emotions. It's very common for example to see people confusing them with actual paintings. Here are some comments from some distinguished personalities from all over the world:

"You are a mastermind and a master artist. Your pictures take beauty to another level" Vera Meixner, Austria
"Your photos are truly magnetic. Looks like you're creating a new world with them" Merete Steinvik Haugen, Norway
"Your pictures are beautiful, they have a magical quality. I'm glad you're sharing them with the world" Brit Brewer, USA
"You go to Wonderland and come back!!" Daniela Ferrari, Brazil
"Fortunately, some human beings are born with spiritual immune systems that sooner or later give rejection to the illusory worldview grafted upon them from birth. Pablo shows in his pictures a side of reality others are oblivious to." Alejandro Martin, USA
"They are wonderful photos. Contrasts, colors, images with impact that transmit emotions and sensations". Guido Lanese, Argentina

"It's incredible how Pablo is able to capture the best of the models. When you look at the pictures you can really connect with the feelings of the person photographed". Isabella Silvestri, Switzerland
"I had never seen pictures like that before, I'm thrilled!" Julia Heller, USA


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